Artificial feet for geese

Submitted by Ken on 2/27/01. ( )

Hi folks,
I'm fairly new to the taxidermy game and am still gathering my resources. However, I have not come across a supplier of artificial feet for any birds other than a few ducks. In particular, I'm looking for geese. Thanx, Ken

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Geese Feet

This response submitted by george on 2/27/01. ( )

They've always been available, but taxidermists didn't know where to look for them. They are rigid and they're made of pewter (or they used to be) and duck/goose carvers have been using them for years. I don't have an exact current source for them as the last ones I used were over a decade ago. A good starting point would be to go to Hope that helps.

pewter feet

This response submitted by Tiffany Weisenberg on 2/27/01. ( )

You will find pewter feet here:

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