great new waterfowl and poultry auction

Submitted by michael on 2/28/01. ( )

come checkout the best new site on line to buy sell any thing to do with taxidermy that is legal , waterfowl , pheasant and other birds we are also growing and adding new sections to the site as needed , frozen taxidermy animals are welcome here socome check us out at


michael baker
swan haven waterfowl

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To bad they ignore you

This response submitted by Randy on 2/28/01. ( )

i have polsted messages and they dont return anything you email someone about and item on auction they just ignore these people on here have they least drive to sell something they have thier assigned click and everyone else just doesnt matter
Me and quite a few people from taxidermy .net have had problems
thats just how i feel and wont ever go back to that sight again

I've never had that problem!

This response submitted by Scott Lynch on 3/1/01. ( )

Unlike Randy, I have had a great experience with this auction. I have only had one e-mail not returned, but I attribute that to the seller not the auction. There are good deals on there and I have bought many birds from some of these people. As far as I am concerned, this site is a wonderful asset to taxidermists and I intend to keep using it. What exactly was your problem Randy? I haven't heard anything negative from that site.

never recived any email from this person

This response submitted by michael on 3/1/01. ( )

hello this is michael the owner of the i have never recived any email from this person or i would have returned it i raise waterfowl fora living and i am on the internet returning email at least 5 hours a day, if anyone has had problems getting tru to the site please feel free to email me at i will return the email the same day even with in hours if you happen to catch me on line, soplease come visit our site and let me be of help to you

michael baker and

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