Painting Feathers

Submitted by Matt on 2/20/01. ( )

Any pearls of wisdom on painting goose feathers? I'm mounting a Canada goose that is the UGLIEST bird I have ever seen! Juvenile bird, pin feathers galore, speckled head and neck, brown cheek patch, and early season to top it off. He wouldn't have a date for the prom!

Was thinking about painting the white feathers black and the cheek patch white. A hunting buddies first goose so not a customer mount.

Washed 4 times and defatted twice so it's clean...just ugly.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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ugly goose

This response submitted by eric majors on 2/20/01. ( )

sorry i cant help you i only do this as a hobby but what you said sure is funny. the only wisdom i have for you is dont let your buddy find out about this forum espically if he take you to his spots.

Dateless Goose

This response submitted by Ron on 2/20/01. ( )

Eric, This is just a thought, I remember quite well the first goose I ever put in a game bag. It was a pretty special event for me. While I didn't have the opportunity to have the bird mounted I know that if I would have had it mounted I would've wanted that bird to look the way it did the day I bagged it. Several birds that are mounted are done because of the individuality of the bird,(size, coloration, etc.) Whatever way you or your buddy decide to mount the bird just give it your best so he has a mount to show off and be proud of. lol


This response submitted by Ron on 2/20/01. ( )

Sorry Eric, or is it Sorry Matt, or just sorry for the mix up in names. I was responding to Matt's post.

Rons Ooops

This response submitted by eric on 2/20/01. ( )

Ron no problem about the mistake and i agree with ya no matter what the goose looks like it should be done the way the guy wants it. half of any mount is remembering the hunt that went with it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Ugly Goose Update

This response submitted by Matt on 2/21/01. ( )

I agree about mounting them as they are. I talked to my buddy and told him how ugly this bird is...he then confessed he hoped I would switch the ugly bird for a late season one I had shot! BUSTED... So he told me to try to clean it up or wait till I had another to mount for him.

I did get a response to try using a black marker. Tried a small spot last night and will look at it again tonight. I think that will work. Will keep you posted. I should take some pictures of this bird so you guys can agree....ugly....


A little paint goes a long way

This response submitted by Charlie Fanta on 2/23/01. ( )

Don't be afraid to touch up the feathers with a little paint. Type of paint doesn't matter, just get the tone ( black and white and strength of color) correct. A marker will likely be too bold. Making a white cheek patch is probably a little out of the range of what paint will accomplish.

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