Submitted by Carl on 2/28/01. ( )

Info on mounting a chukar need to know size & color of eyes, size of neck beak,feet.Thanks for your help Carl.

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Check your Carcass

This response submitted by Joe on 2/28/01. ( )

Carl-Chukar size varies, like most birds. Your best best bet is to
size the neck, eyes, etc. from your carcass after you skin the bird
out. This is the best practice for any bird that you mount. Good
luck. Joe.


This response submitted by Taylor on 3/1/01. ( )

All the chukars I have mounted were game preserve birds. McKenzie has one size of chukar form and it has worked every time for me. They also have a neck that I like. I dont like replacement heads for chukar because i cant seem to make it look good. 8mm brown is the eye that I use.


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