exotic bird feathers

Submitted by tyrone etsitty on 2/28/01. ( tetsitty@hotmail.com )

hello.... i am a native american indian and i am looking for some exotic bird tail feathers. i am very interested in all types of exotic bird tail feathers. i am looking for toucans, parrots, cockatoos, parrakeets, anhinghas, etc. if any information on how i can get a hold of some feathers please email me at tetsitty@hotmail.com.
thank you,

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Pheasant feathers

This response submitted by Rachel Patrick on 11/20/01. ( cataberry_chick@hotmail.com )

I am putting together a Southwest Christmas tree and pheasant feathers will be the main decor. A friend just gave me a pheasant and I tore the feathers from the body and I will place them on dowl rods to insert into the tree. My problem is how to dry the feather or the bony skin part that is still attached. Help!

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