Need Turkey Info?

Submitted by Bill H. on 3/22/01. ( )

Is it legal to sell a wild turkey pelt?. Do I need a permit? Thanks for the help.

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Check your state laws!

This response submitted by John C on 3/22/01. ( )

Could be or just might get you in trouble. check with your game wardens.

It's ok

This response submitted by Joe on 3/22/01. ( )

Turkeys are upland birds and are legal to sell-I would check with your
local authorities just to be double sure-Joe

Be Careful!

This response submitted by Ken on 3/23/01. ( )

Bill, Take Johns advice and check your state laws. Here in Wisconsin it isn't legal to sell any game birds or parts. Unless they are already mounted and you are not a taxidermist. And if you are a Taxidermist you can only sell upland bird mounts that aren't picked up.

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