Degreasing ducks

Submitted by llove on 3/10/01. ( )

The best way to degreas a duck or eny water foul.Step by step please.thank you.

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Use the search button on the left.

This response submitted by John C on 3/10/01. ( )

Or look thru the archives everything you need to know is there. Archives are located at the bottom of the page.

John is correct!

This response submitted by real tired on 3/10/01. ( )

Search the archives and recent postings like in the beginners section on duck skinning - or e-mail

white gas

This response submitted by RMT on 3/10/01. ( )

llove- I like to wire wheel first, then soak in white gas for about half an hour. Drain well, maybee rinse, wire wheel again any missed spots. Next,wash well in mild Dawn. Next is key-RINSE RINSE RINSE! Rinse until you would drink the water. Tumble and mount. This works for me. Good luck.RMT

white gas safety

This response submitted by RMT on 3/10/01. ( )

llove-I forgot to mention-do the gas thing OUTSIDE away from the house or workshop. This stuff is way more volatile than gasoline No ignition sources within aHUNDRED MILES while you do this. Good luck-RMT

Use a good water based degreaser!

This response submitted by Steve Steinbring/Epo-Grip on 3/11/01. ( nsc@netrus,net )

Use a good water based degreaser, its cheaper, safer, easy to dispose of, and very effective. We make a good one our Bloodout/Degreaser and there are few others.

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