Need pics quick!

Submitted by JW on 3/27/01. ( )

I recently killed my first Osceola gobbler. When I took him to the taxidermist, I was not very impressed with the way he had painted previous turkey heads. They were all just "neon" blue and red with a little white thrown in. I asked if he painted all of them this way and he said yes....that's the way most people want them. I told him that I wanted my head to look more natural colored. So he told me to get some pictures of what I wanted it to look like and hewould di it that way. Unfortunatly, I have not found any good pics yet and I'm running out of time. Could anyone suggest anywhere on the internet I could get some? Real turkey pics of really good mount pics will do. I would rather have some pics of turkeys that have been mounted so I can say "Look at that...that's mounted. IT CAN BE DONE!"
Thanks in advance.

JW - You can email me your personal favorites of your work if you like.

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Hum, How about Beards and Spurs magazine.

This response submitted by John C on 3/27/01. ( )

Hit the news stands for some reference photos, lots of turkey articles there. You may need several magazines to get wha you want.

Hi J.W.

This response submitted by John on 3/27/01. ( )

J.W., I would be very cautious of your taxidermist telling you that the "bland painted heads" is the way the customer wanted it. So they took the reference pictures of real heads and created them bland because the customer wanted them to look that way, I don't think so.I have my doubts that he/she would be able to paint your turkey head the way you want it by just looking at the pic's. I will check my library and see if I have any and if so I'll e-mail you. Hope that helps you out. Good Luck J. W.

try this

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Try having your taxidermist get the head for you. I don't know if you are getting a freeze dried head or an artificial. If I were getting a freeze dried head............cally is the only one to get them from. If you are getting an artifical........buckeye is the only one to get them from. The head makes or breaks the mount in a lot of ways. It is the most look at part of a turkey mount. Anyway, get him to give you the head and send away to have it painted. I know if he paints the heads bright all the time, he is probably not capable of painting a "realistic head". As far as him telling you to bring a picture...does he not know what a turkey head looks like? Beware...........Good luck. Dane

Bring it on

This response submitted by M.T. on 3/28/01. ( )

Send it to me and I'll make it look great. The problem with most guys that do turkeys is they cant paint the head so that makes the mount look very bad. With 5 colors, i can make that thing look so good,and it only takes 15 minutes.

I think...

This response submitted by Ronnie on 3/28/01. ( )

I would find a new taxidermist..... If he cant paint the head he most likley cant mount the bird right either....


This response submitted by Mike B on 3/28/01. ( )

Should'nt a good taxidermist have his own reference pics of turkeys? I would think thats kind of like not having whitetail reference.
I think you should have looked around to other taxidermists in your area and found one that had one mounted or pics of one he did that would have met your expectations, and left your turkey there to be mounted.
I hope your turkey turns out the way you want it to look.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 3/28/01. ( )

From what I read, it sounds like your taxidermist paints the heads with intense colors, as most of his customers like, but you prefer a different look. I dont agree with these other posts on this one (unless I misunderstood you). He probably does just fine with turks, just doing what the majority want. Do as he suggested and pick up a magazine or two, and look for the colors YOU like. Bring it to him, and he should paint what you want. I often have customers ask me if they could have subdued colored heads rather then the intense color of an excited bird. Luckily, I have examples of that for them to see. Good luck to you.

Bill Your Right

This response submitted by Mike B on 3/29/01. ( )

I agree he may be a great taxidermists. But he should have different reference pics for his customers to look at. So they have more than one option to pick from.
There are a lot of guys im my area that don't offer their customers to many options. I asked a guy this year how he wanted the ears on his whitetail mount, and he said he didnt know you could put them in differtent positions, because all his other deer were done the same way.
I'm sorry for judging someone without knowing them.
Mike B

Turkey, the Seven Faced Bird.....

This response submitted by Bill G on 4/2/01. ( )

The Japanese call the turkey, "Hichi man cho", which means, literally, seven faced bird. I have been photographing, painting and sculpting turkeys for thirty or more years, have thousands of photographs on file and darn few alike. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What is right to some may be wrong to others........

The best turkey mounts don't have over-spray on the neck or breast feathers, and color looks real, not like cheap makeup. Best retouch the emergent feathers and filaments with stains to redarken after painting. Some look as if they were done with a whitewash brush.

Color intensity is probably requested by many customers......"make it redder"...."make it bluer".. Your guy probably has arrived at a happy, for most, medium. It is hard to trust magazine photos since many are retouched and enhanced to redden the head and wattles. Contact prints are best, but many of the taxidermists don't have access to them.... And, no, I won't be sending any of mine out, in case you were going to ask.

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