Painting a goldeneye.

Submitted by Kenny Tucker on 4/1/01. ( )

Does anybody know the schedule for painting the bill of a goldeneye drake? I have ordered two different books and it is in neither. Every time I call mcKinzie or Van Dykes, the taxidermist have all gone home for the day? Even at 10 in the morning. I really need to get this bird done, but can't seem to find this bit of info. Thank you............Kenny

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Not too bad

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 4/1/01. ( )

A Drake Goldeneye has a black bill. I've seen alot all have been black. You can offer some different values of black, by highlighting the raised areas with black with a touch of white to lighten it a little. you can also highlight with paynes grey. I make goldeneye bills in black plastic. The Commons look great and since I have redone the Barrows it looks great also. They look pretty good without any paint at all.WASCO has them.
Hope this helps


This response submitted by Shannon on 4/2/01. ( )

I did the same, painted mine black, rubbed lightly with
steel wool then went over it with paynes grey..Looks great!

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