Looking for a stuffed swan

Submitted by Jesse Sanford on 4/3/01. ( jesse@columbia.edu )

Hi there:

I am an independent filmmaker and I'm working on a project for which it would be extraordinarily helpful to be able to buy, rent or simulate a stuffed swan with neck straight out and wings outstretched (in other words, in the position in which swans would fly). Failing that, the most important characteristic is that the beak point out, not be curved down and inward as is most commonly the case.

I am in New York City, and I have been advised that it may be illegal to own a stuffed swan in the United States (or perhaps just in New York state). My cast and I can travel to someplace where it is not illegal to own a stuffed swan if we can find one that meets the characteristics I have outlined above.

My first question is whether anyone can clarify the legal complexity of stuffed swans in the United States.

My second question, of course, is whether anyone knows in which countries such objects are legal and where I might go to find one. I don't necessarily want to have to film part of the film in Europe, for example, but I will do so if necessary.

I confess that I don't read this board regularly, so I'd appreciate it if people forwarded their responses to me at <jesse@columbia.edu>.



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Get a Swan here, for a price.

This response submitted by Bill Gaither on 4/3/01. ( WILDART@prodigy.net )

I can build you a fullsized swan in any position you might desire, (sexual positions require two birds.) Legal, and will look real on camera......comes with a price tag. Not cheap, but cheaper than moving a crew and equipment. Swans are legal game in some states, or at least were. Utah one of them. If you don't want to have ersatz swan model built, you may find one hanging around a den or bar in the mormon state. Make sure you get releases signed by all the wives prior to leaving with the bird.

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