peroxide question

Submitted by Dane on 4/4/01. ( )

I am getting ready to mount some Eiders and some of them are blood stained pretty bad. I have some 20% peroxide I was going to use to try to get the blood out of them. Will this discolor the feathers (including the black) any? How should I go about applying it? Thanks for the info.

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This response submitted by George on 4/4/01. ( )

Don't do it! You need to wash your birds in the soaps especially designed to remove blood stains. Epo-Grip's Bloodout/Degreaser, Rittels new product, or Eliminator from Van Dykes. Likely there's more blood in the darker feathers that you DON'T see.

Awwwww George, Blondes have more fun..

This response submitted by Nuther Cur on 4/4/01. ( )

George as always, is right.

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