Turkey Tan/Cure?

Submitted by Hue on 4/4/01. ( )

Will Borax work as a turkey tan/cure? If it will or won't please explain why? Thanks in advance.

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It works for me

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 4/5/01. ( )

Remove ALL fat and flesh and it's fine.
Nancy M.

How do you apply the borax?

This response submitted by Hue on 4/6/01. ( )

Do you mix it with water or just put a bunch of it before mounting and after degeasing? Thanks


This response submitted by Nancy M. on 4/7/01. ( )

Use the dry powder [the finer the better] and rub it in well before mounting. I like to moisten any dry spots to make sure that the borax sticks in all areas. Try not to get it on the feathers since it will mat them and dull the shine.
Don't forget to embalm the feet and wingtips.
Nancy M.

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