Goose Question

Submitted by leeduet on 4/5/01. ( )

Can anyone tell me what size wire i need to wire up a snow goose.Ive did many ducks but never a goose. Thank you for any information.

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This response submitted by George on 4/5/01. ( )

That's an easy one. Just as BIG as you can get through there. If you can get a 6 gauge and work with it, use it. The bigger the better.

Here's a trick.

This response submitted by Bill Gaither on 4/5/01. ( )

I am still using the curmudgeon trick of wrapping my own necks. I form them out of cotton batting over the neck wire. I have been using all-game mixed and formed around the wire under the batting. I can use a smaller wire that way to enable fine-tuning of the posture with out so much wear and tear on the feathering. Have to work fast, but after all game sets, that head and neck aint going anywhere.

The only wire

This response submitted by Marco Ayala on 4/11/01. ( )

number 9 galv. wire is what I use. It is easy to use and not too thick. It can be used for wing, neck, leg, and hanger.

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