paint flaking

Submitted by kelly v on 4/5/01. ( )

i use freeze dried turkey heads and air brush with laquer paints.the problem is that it seems the paint chips or flakes off i have to treat the head in any way first or is there something i may be doing wrong?

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Freeze dried Turkey heads

This response submitted by Dave at VanDyke's Taxidermy Supply Co. on 4/6/01. ( )

Hello Kelly,

With the use of any freeze dried turkey head you use,you need to use a sealer before you paint. I use Zinser's Bullseye spray shellac.
You can purchase this product at most any hardware store and it works awsome.Seal your heads and you'll find that you'll get excelant adheision with your paints and they wont flake off.Give her a try!

Have a great day,

Tooth Brush

This response submitted by Chad on 4/7/01. ( )

Before you start to paint the head, try to clean any flakes off of it with a toothbrush. Might be a little help. Chad

Zinser Bullseye Shellac

This response submitted by Phyl Hook on 5/15/01. ( )

I have heard that this product will remove curry odor from a cupboard.
Is it available in Canada - and name of business handling it.

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