Feather fleasher?

Submitted by Hue on 4/6/01. ( )

I'm trying to rig up a feather flesher for turkeys. I don't have a small motors. I was wondering if a drill with a wire wheel would work, just for one turkey? I could mount the drill so it wouldn't move and just put the skin up to it. I'm also open for any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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This response submitted by Chad on 4/7/01. ( )

It should work as long as the drill is strong enough and the wheel excessable for the turkey.
I wouldn't do a lot of work this way or I'm sure you'll burn up your drill.

When the fat hits the fan...

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 4/7/01. ( )

For one turkey I would just de-fat it by hand. They really aren't that bad except around the breast sponge and that can be overcome with sharp scissors, a serrated knife, and determination. A drill with a wire wheel WILL de-fat a bird, but egads what a mess! I don't recommend it at all. I de-fatted an ostrich that way once, and I think the fat is STILL on the ceiling in the room where I did it.
Nancy M.

Couple more questions...

This response submitted by Hue on 4/7/01. ( )

So you're saying that by doing it by hand I should just scrape it with a serrated knife? Will the knife get as much off as a wire wheel, meaning the twills wil be loosened-up/exposed? Thanks again.

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