just finished my first duck

Submitted by ben on 4/8/01. ( wigeon22@hotmail.com )

just a note of thanks to all who answered my questions. the mallard i just did didn't turn out perfect, but i did a lot better than i ever expected. again thanks!

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How did you defat it?

This response submitted by Jim on 4/9/01. ( )

I'm working on my first duck also and I'm trying to defat it with a small wire brush. I also ripped the neck when I pulled a bit too hard when I was getting close to the head. Do you have a wire wheel or did you defat by hand?

scissors and soft wire brush

This response submitted by ben on 4/9/01. ( )

i just squeezed the fat off with scissors and used a soft wire brush to loosen the fat. it took me quite a while to get it all off. i am planning on buying a wire wheel soon, because i'm not in a hurry to do it that way again.

Just a hint

This response submitted by Its alive taxidermy on 4/13/01. ( Maflesher@cs.com )

Just a piece of advise, When you are fleshing a bird always use alot of borax. If you do not have a fleshing box you can use a dull knife or wire brush. The real tip is to use a thinner bath after washing the bird in a liquid dawn soap bath. the thinner bath will sepperate the oils and drop them to the bottom of the bucket. After that you can tumble the bird in a borax hard wood sawdust mix. If you do not have a tumbler you can use a plastic bag and shake it for about 10 min for ducks. Then use a blow drier to finnish. Dry bird until the down is nice and fluffy. need any more info e-mail me.

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