artes looking for photos

Submitted by mike on 4/10/01. ( )

ih im a wild life artest looking for any refrence on black scoter.
photos or the actual bird would be great. if any one can help me
i would really greatful.
thanks mike

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black scoters

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 4/10/01. ( )

There isn't a lot out there on black scoters. About a week before your first post I delivered one to a client. It is still fresh enough in my memory that I can describe it in detail if that would help. If so, e-mail me and I will try.
Nancy Mulligan


This response submitted by Wava Jacobchick on 4/10/01. ( )

try this link, it's an extreme closeup of a scoter head and neck... hope it helps.

click on images and then find black scoter on the list.
Good luck,

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