Submitted by Tom on 4/10/01. ( )

I am thinking of opening shop this fall here in Ohio. Does anyone know
if I need a state permit. I know I need a Federal. Thanks.


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This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 4/11/01. ( )

First you need a vendors licencse from the State of Ohio. You then must charge sales tax on all the work that you do. Depending on the area that you live usually 5 - 6%. DO NOT try and get away without this. I have witnessed fines in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Second you have to keep a Wild Animal Report log of all of the specimen that come through your door. NOT just deer and Turkey like some do. You keep the name, address and other information on every fish, bird, mammal etc. These logs are available from your local Game Warden, just ask them. Finally, if you are going to do waterfowl you must have a Federal Fish and Wildlife Permit. I can't remember where to send at this time , but if you look up US Fish and Wildlife Service on the internet you can get the information. Please follow these guidelines, because every time a taxidermist gets arrested for infractions it looks bad on us ALL. Good Luck!

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