Fantastic Cast proper usage

Submitted by Jason on 4/10/01. ( )

I'm using Fantastic Cast for the second time and don't really know how to properly use it. I checked the archives but the info was limited. What is the proper procedure and how do I keep it from leaking all over everything? Thanks for the help.


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This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 4/10/01. ( )

After you inject the foot with the solution place a pin back in the hole. This will help stop the excess from coming out. What does leak out can be picked of quickly as soon as it starts to set up.

Frank is right its that simple.

This response submitted by John C on 4/11/01. ( )

You may need to tie of the top of the leg to prevent leakage.

Acetone or laquer thinner

This response submitted by Chad Hornbuckle on 4/14/01. ( )

I've been injecting bird feet with injectable fantastic cast for years. There was a article on this in either Breathrough or Taxidermy Today.
When I inject the feet, I'm not as much concerned with the mess as I am that the feet are injected to the right amount. Actually, It's easier to inject more than enough and push out the excess.
When the cast starts to kiick off, I form the feet the way I want them, push out the excess and wipe it away with either laquer thinner or acetone. I entered several ducks in the nationals that had their original feet that were cast this way. Never had a problem.
PS... I also clean out the syringe with the same before it cloggs my needle. I'm able to reuse the syringe several times. Saves money. Chad

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