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Has anyone ordered any of tabs fake turkey heads lately? I have recieved a few heads this past week and the painting of the heads have alot of blue overspray on them. I think there is a bigger demand for his heads now and the quality of the painting does not seem to be keeping up with the demand. Wondering if anybody else is having this problem. Does anybody know of any fake heads out there that look as good as the tab hitton head did? Another question I had is; is there a web site for hazel creek, that is where I get my real heads. Is there anybody else out there that produces real heads as good as hazel creek?

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Get Buckeye

This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 4/11/01. ( )

Get a Buckeye catolog. They have the best repro heads made. As for the paint job try and learn to do it yourself. This way you can get the colors you want. It's not hard to do.


This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 4/12/01. ( )

Frank is right Buckeye heads are real good! You can learn to paint them very easy and Buckeye has a paint schedule available for the asking. If you really do not want to paint them yourself, they will paint them for you as well.

Repro Turkey heads

This response submitted by Dave/VanDyke's Supply co. on 4/12/01. ( )

Take a look at the new Anthony Eddy repro turkey heads. He's casted them off his freeze dried. Anyone who has done many turkeys know who Anthony Eddy is.They can be purchased either painted or unpainted. If you have a vandyke catalog, you can find photos of them on page 191. If you order on painted, they have been painted by the turkey man himself.
If your looking for one of the best freeze dried heads out there, I would give Anthony Eddy a call and order one from him.I've used about 75 of them through the years from him and I have only good things to say about his heads.His # is (1-800)529-3470

If you need anymore info on this, feel free to call me at (1-800)843-3320 ext.105 or e-mail me at this address.

Have a good day,

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