necks, how too

Submitted by keith on 4/12/01. ( )

Yesterday I submitted a tip on using the real vertibrae.I got great responses,(this site is a wonderful thing) I would like to know who makes a good quality, easy to use artificial neck.Also, can someone explain different methods of creating necks.I would also like to know the drawbacks of using latex caulk. I watched Frank Newmyer mount a bird using caulk and it was vwry impressive.Thanks

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cotton neck

This response submitted by Dean on 4/12/01. ( )

lay out your original neck and wrap a neck with cotton and thread around wire. You can get it the exact size you want. Use the real one to measure and match it up.It helps to get it close to the position you want it in before putting the skin over it. After it's together use caulk and syringe pump, it down the throat and through the eye sockets and through the insicion. Sew it up position it. Then smooth the caulk down with your fingers when you do your grooming.

Neck Material

This response submitted by George on 4/13/01. ( )

For commercial work, you need only use the foamed plastic neck materials available through most suppliers. On special pieces where the base is obviously larger than the neck at the head junction, I simply put the plastic neck material to my bird fleshing wheel. The wire brush will gently sculpt the material down to the diameter you need. On larger birds, I use two separate neck materials (One large for the spinal column and a much smaller one glued to the larger one for the esophageal passages.

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