How to prep a freeze dried Turkey head

Submitted by Its Alive Taxidermy on 4/13/01. ( )

I have never used a freeze dried turkey head befor and would like to know where to send one and the best way to prep it. Looking for the best in quality work as well. Hope someone will help me out of a jam.

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send it to Cally Morris

This response submitted by CHUCK on 4/13/01. ( )

I caught Cally's turkey seminars at the WTC last week. Place the head in a plastic bag with a little water and freeze it .Label it once with the customers name ,your business name,and the pose you want.Pack it in an insulated box ,label it again as to contents and the information you filled out earlier. Send it 2nd day express.Pay the man what he wants -he's the best. You should be able to find his info in the taxi webpages in Missouri.

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