Small bare spot on pheasant

Submitted by Joe on 4/14/01. ( )

I've just completed a flying pheasant mount. It came out great except for a tiny bare spot on the neck. It's on the wall side, and you can't see it, when it's hanging. But it just bothers the hell out of me. I tried moving the feathers around the bare spot to hide it. It works for a while and they move back into position revealing that little spot. Could I just paint the bare area to make it less noticable. It's on the green area of the neck about an inch down from the waddle. The feathers are very short in that area. Any suggestions? Never had this problem before. Replies appreciated. Thanks.

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This response submitted by George on 4/14/01. ( )

Since it's already mounted, why don't you try to take sewing pins and bunch the skin up in that spot. That is, put a couple of pins on the head side of the spot, pull the skin up until the spot closes and take a couple more pins to hold it there. When your bird's skin dries, it'll stay there.

I should have clarified more

This response submitted by Joe on 4/14/01. ( )

George, Thanks for you response. The bird is dried and finished. I noticed it when I was installing it on a piece of driftwood. I really don't want to fuss with this too much. Might make it worse than it is. Just don't want to piss off the customer. Thought if I made it less obvious it might go. It is on the wall side. It just like I stated earlier, bothers the hell out of me. I don't know how fussy the customer may be. I just figure if it bothers me, it'll bother the customer. Otherwise it's a fine mount.

Try this....

This response submitted by Joe on 4/15/01. ( )

Your spot can probably still be fixed even though it's dried. Try
re-wetting the INSIDE of the skin on and around the spot. You can
do this by slicing a small cut through the spot that you are going
fix and wetting the inside of the skin with a q-tip. Use water. Then
repair like George described. Joe.


This response submitted by . on 4/15/01. ( )

tell the customer his dog has a hard mouth! lol

Thanks for your help

This response submitted by Joe on 4/15/01. ( )

George and Birdman, I tried your suggestions and it worked just fine. Thanks again.

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