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Submitted by Pat on 4/15/01. ( )

I'd like to know what would be a good pose for this drake.It's my 11th bird and I'm doing it for a friend that I owe a favor.I bought a ref. book but don't see anything I really like.I think he would look better in the standing pose rather than flying.He's skinned out and de-fatted and ready to finish.Boy they sure have some big feet.One leg bone was broke off right at where the leg skin starts.Guess I'll have to drill through the leg bone and glue a light gauge wire to build it back?I'm not into the fancy habitats yet so he's going on drift wood and useing his skull and feet.Thanks for all the tips I got on my last bird a drake Widgeon, he came out real nice.I'm learing a lot from this site.The bird is in pretty good shape otherwise. Send me a pic of a good pose ifanyone has one. Thanks

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This response submitted by dsaf on 4/15/01. ( )

got to for all of your waterfowl reference pics.


This response submitted by jim on 4/15/01. ( )

this address is this right. I tryed it and came up with nothing or is it my computer
acting up again. Jim

BOY oh boy oh boy...

This response submitted by Cur on 4/16/01. ( )

This is your lucky day.....I am sending you Can Photos in standing position, although it is against my very basic principles to mount such a superb flying creature in a static position. That's like putting Bo Derek in a snow suit! Another thing is that you don't have to drill anything, leg bone's hollow........use a small length of wire to splice.

It's there

This response submitted by Pat on 4/16/01. ( )

Yea there are a lot of birds on that www.wildfowl site.

Cut Feet

This response submitted by Chad on 4/21/01. ( )

Don't spend too much time on re-attaching the foot. Weather I'm making a comp mount or comercial. I always cut the feet off at the skin junction so I can paint before mounting it. The first thing I do is cut the feet and place a wire through the normal place. I'll wrap a string around the wire and foot junction to block the skin where IU've cut it off the foot. I inject the foot with fantastic castin the position I want. I cut off the string around the wire and paint the foot. When I mount the bird, I wrap the wire after putting it in the leg sock. When I run the sock down to the foot, It makes a great junction and your foot is now done. No worries about getting pain on the feathers during the paint process. About the mount. I wouldn't place the duck on a small piece of drift wood, it would make the feet look bigger than they already are. Several references are avaiable through the libarary if all else fails. Chad

Finished it

This response submitted by Pat on 4/22/01. ( )

I finished the bird and delivered it yesterday. The guy really liked it.His Dad gave it to me to mount.His son wanted to know what happened to that canvasback. He said it fell out of the freezer and broke it's neck.So it was a surprise when I brought it down to there shop yesterday.I learned a lot on that bird.I guess he would of looked good flying but one of his primarys was shattered, I tried super gluing it but it didn't look that good.O'well they were happy with what they got a standing mount on a large varathaned piece of driftwood.They gave me a Woody for myself. They said it was a hen. It looked like a ball of blood but when I skinned it out and washed it real well, turns out he's a drake. Never done one before. Kind of excited to see what he comes out like.Thanks for all the input, Pat

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