First Turkey

Submitted by Jason on 4/18/01. ( )

I am planning to mount my first turkey. I want to mount the bird standing. My problem is the wings, I don't understand how to wire them. I have a video by Frank Newmyer, but it is about mounting a strut turkey and ne removes the wings. I have mounted numerous ducks, but none this big!! Any help? Thanks

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One of several ways

This response submitted by Don Sherpy on 4/18/01. ( )

With all of my standing birds, with the wings folded, I remove the "ball" from the end of the bone. I then insert a "L" shaped wire into the bone. The length of the wire you insert into the bone should be long enough to place the bend at the point of where the "ball" was, after the wire is pushed in as far as it can. The other end of the "L" shaped wire should be as long as possible, so not to protrude thru the bird body. This will allow for easy movement and for the feathers to fall into place. When placing the wings, I use a "T" pin for small birds and a small wire for larger birds, to hold them in place. I place them so not to show because I leave them in. Good luck!


This response submitted by Mark C on 4/18/01. ( )

Normally on standing birds, I don't use wires in the wings at all. On turkeys however, I do like to wire the wings on standing mounts just because the wings are so heavy I feel they need a little support. Just wire them as you would for any flying bird, only use a smaller wire like a 14 gauge. This is large enough to support the wing but small enough to give you the freedom you need for positioning. Make sure that you still pin the wings in place after positioning, and if you do leave the ball on the humorous, hollow out the form enough to accept it.
Mark C

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