Salted Bird Skins

Submitted by Craig Lewis on 4/18/01. ( )

I am planning to receive a number of dryed (presumably with salt) bird skins from Argentina. What methods work best for relaxing the skins?

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Read one of the Breakthrough issues, MR. Stephen Savides did

This response submitted by John C on 4/18/01. ( )

a very good article on his African trip. Some of it may help you.

salted birds

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 4/20/01. ( )

Good luck Craig.
I have had mixed results with salted skins. If they were skinned right before salting you have a good chance of re-hydrating them. About half of the ones I've received were butchered. I have learned my lesson. Salted skins cost DOUBLE. No exceptions. And then there are the ones that have been "treated" with formaldehyde. Aaaargh! Don't even get me started.
Some of the birds from Argentina are gorgeous and well worth the effort. I wish you the best. By all means, read Stefan's article.
Nancy M.

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