turkey video

Submitted by jesse on 4/19/01. ( harris0615@juno.com )

i am considering the purchase of a turkey mounting video(strutting) and was looking for suggestions on which tape to buy. i have basically narrowed my choice to the frank newmeyer tape from WASCO and the joe ferebee tape from McKenzie but am open to other suggestions.thanks.

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Turkey video

This response submitted by Jan on 4/20/01. ( housenga@jdv.net )

Jesse, get the Joe Fereby tape it is very good. An excellant video and unique way to do a strutting turkey. Nice mount when done. Jan


This response submitted by Mike Rowley on 4/20/01. ( rowleyswildlifecreations@mail.com )

The Ferebee video is good, but only purchase it if you want to know how to mount a turkey using all of his artificial parts. I was a little disappointed in the tape only because he spends a majority of the time showing the use of these products and very little time on the mounting process, fleshing, or how to finish the plummage. I have seen other tapes by Joe and liked them very much. In my opinion he just seems to be in a hurry in this one.


This response submitted by M.T. on 4/22/01. ( )

I too own the Ferebee video and thought it was a poor choice. When I had purchased it, I had never mounted a turkey before, and I really didnt learn much from it. What really makes me laugh is the fact that Joe is getting rich off something you dont really need. What I mean is after watching Cally Morris's seminar at the World show, He didnt use artificial drumsticks or wings on his turkeys.Thats about a twenty dollar savings versus the Turkey System.

do not buy the frank newmeyer video.

This response submitted by wags on 4/28/01. ( )

Unless you already know a lot about how to skin it properly,he spends the first half of the tape talking about how the head should be posistioned,and tells you up front if you need info on skinning you will need to order his book also.

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