Cleaning a freeze dried turkey head

Submitted by Todd T on 4/22/01. ( )

What are some of the methods that everyone uses to clean the paint off of the small hairs on a freeze dried turkey head?

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This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 4/22/01. ( )

To begin with I will thin down some Vaseline with mineral sprits. Then paint this on the feathers. If your air brushing you should be fine. But if your doing this by hand and using a artist brush with paints you may need to do this once more during the painting process. After the bird is painted a small amount of acetone on a rag, you can wipe each feather with it. That will remove the Vaseline a quick blow dry to restore the feathers and no more paint. To get those fine hair on top of the head and snood I will steal the wifes' mascara and just glide it threw those fine hairs. Don't apply it to much or you will have one of those heads that look like a clown.

Freeze Dried head

This response submitted by George on 4/22/01. ( )

I pull all the feathers from the freeze dried head, PERIOD. I paint the head, but I don't walk that line with my wife like Frank does, I boought my own waterproof mascara (Then I caught hell from Connie when she came across it in my shop.LOL)

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