Turkey bodies

Submitted by Richard on 4/23/01. ( hailrzr@kscable.com )

I have 3 jakes to mount,they will be my first 3 turkeys. I have at least a dozen catalogs, they list a hen, then jump to 13 or 14 lbs and go up from there. All three of my jakes weigh in at 11 lbs. I researched ahead of time and found most turkey forms order by weight, so I did'nt bother to measure the bodies, I realize now I should have measured and traced the bodies. Do I order the 13#, and alter it as needed?
I did a Bobwhite (first one)last week and had to downsize it 2 ways by 1/4 in. The bondo made wireing, and pinning the wings difficult, any suggestions? thanks Richard

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Good Luck with the Jakes

This response submitted by Gregg Ielfield on 4/23/01. ( ielnnet@northnet.org )

I do not take in jakes as most of the time they are full of pin feathers.
Check out McKenzie Supply, you should be able to use a small jake body from cally morris
You should really start out with an adult tom with good plumage.
Good luck.

Are pin feathers a problem?

This response submitted by Richard on 4/23/01. ( hailrzr@kscable.com )

Gregg, I'm doing them for two reasons. One, they are more for practice than for the mount, and two, they are what I've got. I had an order going into McKenzie this morning anyhow, so I already ordered one of thier smallest forms, 14 lbs.
I've even considered mounting them without a head, for the practice without the expence. I know my first quail wouldn't have looked any worse without a head.
Any added advice? thanks Richard

foam the form

This response submitted by j.barber on 4/24/01. ( crittergedder@yahoo.com )

Richard try to use foam in stead of bondo to put the body back together, or predrill the holes for the wires if you use bondo.If you only shortened the body 1/4" you might could have rasped the form instead of cut it. good luck I hope I have helped you .

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