Submitted by FIRST TIMER on 4/23/01. ( )

Does Cally Morris teach how to's on turkey? If so how does one go about getting into one of his classes? Thanks in advance and God Bless

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This response submitted by Richard on 4/23/01. ( )

I don't know if he teaches or not. I do know he did a 6 hr. seminar at the world show this year and I'm pretty sure WASCO taped it. If they did tape it, it should be for sale latter this year. Contact them for details.

He does not teach at this time.

This response submitted by John C on 4/24/01. ( )

Hs lovley wife told me at the WTC his shop was to small to teach in at this time, when his larger shop is done he will resume teaching.

Go to the NTA show

This response submitted by RickJ on 4/25/01. ( )

I know he plans on doing some kind of turkey seminar at the NTA in Columbia, MO this July. You can learn a lot just from attending his seminars. Cally has a good knack for teaching and isn't afraid of a "hands on" approach.

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