dead phesants

Submitted by chase on 4/23/01. ( )

how do you make phesants look dead.I saw a mount where they were tied by there back feet, to make it look like they were shot and are hanging on the wall till they can be cleaned. What kind of form do you use I though of useing a standard form with a flexible neck.Is there a form you can buy or do you have to adapt one.thanks chase

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This response submitted by Jim A. on 4/24/01. ( )

Use a flying form and straight neck material, this will give you the look your trying to achieve. Get reference photos or hold up one you birds prior to skinning and take notes to the position of the wings, legs and head position. Take note of the position of eyelids, you don't want to have a dead mount with a wide eyed appearance. Note the tail will fall somewhat towards the back of the bird, you do not want to have the tail in a stiff upright position either.

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