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Submitted by ken no on 4/24/01. ( )

i am just starting bird taxidermy and need help on painting feet i am useing waterbase paint in an airbrush the paint us airbrush ready i have lifetone colors on all ducks is there a certan base color or is every duck different i thougt i would just use a grey auto primer and go from there is there a book on the market that might help and were can i get it or should i start with a diiferent method let me no

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This response submitted by keith on 4/24/01. ( )

are not the same.Fist , what kind of duck are you painting ? Some have flesh as a base and some use white.most of the time you will not cover the foot completely with the base coat usually you will fade out at the webs. Even though your paints are air brush ready you may want to thin them out, this will help blend colors together and give your feet a more realistic look. The most common mistake is using too much paint.The best book that I have found is the Breakthrough waterfowl finishing manual, I is well worth the 25bucks it also has geese and upland game and has the paint shedule for the bills


This response submitted by ken on 4/25/01. ( )

do i need to put a base coat sealer or primer to make the paints stick or just start with the white or flesh and the duck that i am about to paint the feet on is a drake gadwall then a hen greater scaup were can i get that book or order it from thank for the help


This response submitted by keith on 4/26/01. ( )

you will need to use a fungisidal sealer first then go ahead and paint.A gadwall has a flesh base coat.the book is available through Van Dykes supply or WASCO.good luck.this hobby is the most frusrating,challenging and rewarding thing that I have ever done

to keith

This response submitted by ken on 4/26/01. ( )

thanks for all the help keith i am going to paint them this weekend

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