Caping a Turkey?

Submitted by Rookie on 4/24/01. ( )

I am not sure if I am even using the right terminology but I would like to know a quick method for caping a whole turkey. I have done several deer and want to move on to something different. My basic understanding is to use a scaple and cut aroung the feather line at the neck and I am not sure if I should make my next cut on the back or the front of the turkey. I have heard of it done both ways. Nevertheless, how long should the incision be to get the body of the bird out and sock the neck and drums out. Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance... Rookie

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Front or across the belly leg to leg

This response submitted by John C on 4/24/01. ( )

Damn learned something new right know, DOW THE BACK? never heard that in 20 plus years. Make your cut as long as you need it, there is not any guide line, ite your choice.

Skinning a Turkey

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 4/24/01. ( )

John is right. Two ways Down the belly and inside the drumstik accross the breast to the other drumstick. I know a guy that takes the turkey apart and put each feather group on separatly, except the back feathers. He maps out the feather pattern on the back and glues in each feather separately. Anyone know Alan Jeffers. He does a pretty mean turkey. Some of the best I've seen. And John C. You give great advise. I just can't figure out how you respond so quick LOL
Best of Luck

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