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Submitted by Richard on 4/27/01. ( )

Advise on working around the secondaries?
I've tried skinning the wing all the way down, and the secondaries flop around during mounting.
I've also tried splitting the skin to get the muscle out from around the bones, I've seen it done on turkeys and pheasants, but the quail is so much smaller, had a hard time getting all the meat out.
How do you do it?
thanks Richard

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How do you do it

This response submitted by Bob on 4/28/01. ( )

Inject them just like you would the legs. they are so small it works
just fine. I have a few small birds here i have injected in the wings
that I mounted as long ago as 20 years and are holding up just fine.

I inject legs with Fantastic Cast

This response submitted by Richard on 4/28/01. ( )

Does Fantastic Cast work?


This response submitted by Bob on 4/28/01. ( )

I have never used that Richard but if it works on the legs then you
should have no trouble using it in that area on a quail at all. I have
always used formaldahyde <--spell check... But that stuff is nasty and
after 20 years I think I'll try something new, After reading these forums
I see alot of new ideas I really like the sounds of. I'm glad I stumbled
onto this place. Sure is alot of talented people out here. I guess I've had
my head buried in the sand way too long.

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