Summer Position in New York

Submitted by Stephen Rogers on 4/27/01. ( )

I just received notice of this position via Avecol which has a limited distribution. I would assume the positions listed below pertain only to Scientific Preparation of bird/mammal specimens as Study Skins (not listed but implied), reference skeletons(probably prepared by an on-site dermestid colony), and standard fluid preparation of bird/mammal specimens using formalin and transferring to long term storage in Ethanol, besides experience in avian anatomy. I don't know how many Taxidermists in the vicinity of the NY State Museum would be experienced in these skills but thought I would list the positions here for those that are knowledgable. There is a large amount of literature written about scientific preparation which one could read to learn the finer point of this profession.
Please remember to wear black socks if you get an interview.


Summer Position
Laboratory Technician, Bird and Mammal Lab, New York State Museum.
Two positions are open for lab technicians to prepare bird and mammal specimens for the NYS Museum. Specifically, these technicians will be preparing skulls, full skeletons, and fluid specimens from birds and mammals collected by the Department of Environmental Conservation's Toxicology lab. Experience in specimen preparation or dissection, local bird and mammal identification/taxonomy, and anatomy preferred, but not required.

To apply, send a CV or Resume to:

Roland Kays,
Curator of Birds and Mammals
NY State Museum
CEC 3140
Albany, NY 12230 or

Joe Bopp
NY State Museum
CEC 3140,
Albany NY 12230

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Dang it, Stephen

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 4/27/01. ( )

Could you post one for ME, at the Rochester Museum and Science Center?

Sorry , Wish I Could.

This response submitted by The Taxidermologist on 4/27/01. ( )

It is REAL nice having a day job with retirement, health benefits, dental, eye, and EVEN Vacation, with Sick time built in. After all the discussions in the last two months I sure do not envy you independent full time taxidermists. (except maybe George - going Dall Sheep Hunting and all)
I'll keep my eyes out for a job for you Bill, but then you would really have trouble catching up on your deer heads.

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