Birds shipped back and fourth to Canada

Submitted by Todd Huffman on 4/29/01. ( )

Does anyone here know exactly what is needed to have birds shipped to you from Canada? I will also want to ship the mounted pieces back. It Is this possible? What channels will I have to use?
I have only done business in the states, but would like to offer my sevices in other countrys.
Thanks in advance.

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Be real careful!

This response submitted by The Taxidermologist on 4/29/01. ( )

I should know all the particulars but do not as the rules have changed and I did not keep up with them. I do know that you must be very careful. Museum collections often lend out study skins to researchers much like lending out library books. In herpetology where I am collection manager I lend specimens all over the world, but they are preserved specimens, already in a sterile medium with little chance of sending off diseases, or infected material. Birds have many more problems. I have heard Horrer stories where some countries (I think England), wanted to soak incoming study specimens in a bath of formaldehyde to prevent infection. Canada doesn't always allow return of specimens either. A couple years ago a loan was made to Canada from (I think) The Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology, of some bird study skins. They were held up in customs on the return trip, for I think about 2-4 years even though all the specimens had tags on them, proper paperworks, and were well over 50 years old. Big problems can occur.
I would suggest that you contact Sally Shelton at the Smithsonian. She held a Permit conference on wildlife laws in San Diego Museum of Natural History about two years ago when she was the Collection Manager there, before her new job at the Smithsonian.
Sorry I could not help more.


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l live in canada welland ont i kwow that ican buy frozen waterfowl and bring it back as long as they are native to the usa and canada and have the permits sometimes if you get a prick at the border he will make you wait until i wild life officer is there to make sure they are what the permit says i hunt down buy the the boooorder and the american hunters come to the canadaian side all the time to hunt ducks and bring them back the same day after there hunt and tell me they have never had any problems but i dont know if they are mounted if it will be ant different call the border closes to you they shuld no good luck let me know how it works out kenny

Thank you

This response submitted by Todd Huffman on 4/29/01. ( )

Thanks guys,
Just wanted to get my feet a little wet before looking into this further. Its pretty simple...if its a big hassle, then its not worth it. I just get a lot of requests from Canada but up to this point have always turned them away.

Try Calling Customs

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I go back and forth to Canada all the time. When I have a question I call customs, they are always very helpful.


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