marketing stradegy

Submitted by bill on 7/1/01. ( )

i'm starting a new taxidermy business and am needing some direction on how to get the word out. I know word of mouth works well, but i need the customers for that to happen. any suggestions?

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This response submitted by marty on 7/2/01. ( )

Business Cards, Brochures, Website, Shows, etc. Just have somebody proof your stuff BEFORE they go to the printer....

Like Marty said

This response submitted by CHUCK on 7/26/01. ( )

Business cards and brochures are a good start. I started the same way .I made the business cards myself with help of a computer program (printmaster 10)and ASKED the local bait and tackle/outdoor store if I could use a spot on their counter for advertising.I brought my own holder that I got at an office supply(walmart has some nice ones in their office/school section)After a few weeks I started getting calls and the customers started coming in. After a while and you have established some clientelle they can be your best advertisement.provided you do quality work.When you get to making brochures include some photos of your work,this always helps so that they don't have to guess what your work looks like.After 3 yrs I have a steady list of work and return customers . Keep your work top notch and your customer area tidy.Charge what you are worth.

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