birds to mount

Submitted by brice on 7/1/01. ( )

does anyone know of a decent source to purchase legal specimens for mounting. i am presently looking for a drake wood duck for a customer and am having trouble finding one. also have some requests for bobwhite quail but its hard to find any that are over a year old.
could use some direction here guys and girls.


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This response submitted by Marc R on 7/1/01. ( )

Contact Whistling Wings at if they don't have what you need they can steer you in the right direction. Marc R

Rocking R Gamebirds

This response submitted by Headhanger on 7/2/01. ( )


Try these guys. He doesn't deal in waterfowl but I know he has Bobwhites and several other species of quail, pheasant, & chukar.


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