Chicken comb

Submitted by chris york on 7/2/01. ( )

I just received a hen chicken to
mount and i was wonderin how to
preserve the wattle, comb, and earlobe.

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Cast them in silicone!

This response submitted by Big Al on 7/2/01. ( )

pour the filler of your choice!

Fowl adornments

This response submitted by Leanna on 7/2/01. ( )

If they are small enough as on some hens you may get by with letting them dry, then building them up with apoxie sculpt. But with a larger crest I'd definitely plump it with water, freeze in the position you desire, and then cast it.

If you do build it up,don't forget to add texture to the apoxie. An orange rind, terry cloth towel and the bumpy textured plastic right under the handle of a gallon milk carton all work well.

You can also...

This response submitted by CUR on 7/2/01. ( )

Skin them out as you would "turn" an ear and then fill with substance of your choice, model and tweak during drying. I have used paper mache, a variety of clays, and injection material in the past to get the job done. Betty Wilson, "Chicken Betty", did hundreds of them, all very well, I have lost contact with her over the years. I am not sure of the process she used, but I believe it was casting, as Al said. If you are comfortable with the RTV silicones, that would be the best way to go.

Try a Reproduction head

This response submitted by Dave at VanDyke's Supply Co. on 7/2/01. ( )

Hello Chris,
Why not try a reproduction head for this bird?
There are several companies that make them for several species of Roosters as well as hens. Try a repro by Tony Finazzo or Frank Newmyer. They are already pre-casted for you off of actual specimins. It will save you both time and money on casting materials.....unless you want to try it for the experience. In that case, cast away, you'll learn alot from doing so.

If you need any other info on Reproduction Heads, feel free to give me a cal at (1-800)843-3320 ext.105 or e-mail me at this address.

Have a great day to all,
Dave>VanDyke's Supply Co.

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