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Submitted by Tom on 7/25/01. ( )

Was looking to buy a good air brush kit. Was looking at the double action Pashe (spelling)
Will be doing mostly ducks and some fish sooner or later. Was looking to spend about $100
or so. Any comments or advise would be apprieciated.


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This response submitted by Old Fart on 7/25/01. ( )

You are going to find all the information you want in the archives, just fo to SEARCH.

Recently tried a Badger Cresenda.

This response submitted by John C on 7/25/01. ( )

They do a fine job, better than the old VL by Pashe"

switched to aztec

This response submitted by rod on 7/25/01. ( )

I had a paasche double action..Had to send the first one back and the second was nothing but problems..Paasche has to many moveable parts and is too hard to clean..Love the aztec A470 it comes in a wood case with 6 nozzels, 6 fill bottles, and airhose..You can find it at Hobby Lobby if there is one near you..About $115..Just my opinion..


This response submitted by Lee Duet on 7/25/01. ( )

I would definetly suggest the aztec, I just switched to one from a pashe.It is a lot easier to operate and clean and does a better job. It does the job on ducks for sure, thats all I do. Just my opinion.


This response submitted by CUR on 7/25/01. ( )

Art Supply Warehouse: Aztec 4709 set (ASW# 60-6064)as outlined by Rod. $74.97, all inclusive. ASW, Raleigh, NC....1-800-995-5075...on the web at

Cheapest art supplies in the US. Badger Crescendo kit, $72.99. Iwata/Medea Eclipse set......$84.99.

The new VLST "Pro" from Paasche features a "paint picker" tip which allows you to pick paint build up off the tip with thumb and index finger......It is just the ticker for those fussy paints from polytranspar.......available from Jerry's around $50.00 (also in Raleigh, NC) 1-800-U-ARTIST. Web site is:

ALL taxidermists should have the Jerry's and the ASW and Dick Blick catalogs. Quality art supplies a cheap prices.


This response submitted by Jim A. on 7/26/01. ( )

I love my Paasche single action but I get much more flexability with my new Iawata dual action. So easy to clean and you never have to swap out needels. You get close for fine lines and back for a broader stroke.

There is a manual retraction bar for the needle, so when paint starts to dry on the tip you pull this bar back a few time and it clears the needle for smooth operation.

Air brushes

This response submitted by Glenn on 7/26/01. ( )

Badger Crescendo -$64.00, Iwata/Medea Eclipse - $79.00, VLST "Pro"
from Paasche - $45.00. No shipping on orders of $45.00 or more.
Parts, compressors, accessories, etc. Check them out.

Good luck,

I'm buying one tomorrow

This response submitted by CHUCK on 7/31/01. ( )

I am taking the airbrush challenge and breaking the piggy bank to purchase a new Aztek A470 ,after this post I got to price around(now I sound like our phone customers)and noticed that the manufacturer(Testors)sells the A4709 set for 169.oo ,Our local Hobby Lobby sells the same exact one for 139.00,Art Supply Warehouse Express sells it for a mere $89.97 but charges around $10.oo for shipping. Brainstorm occurred, Hobby Lobby will honor a written proof price.I am throwing the ASWexpress printout at them for the $89.97 and save the shipping.Hmmm,think they'll let me buy more than one?

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