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Submitted by First Timer on 7/25/01. ( )

How or what do you use to keep turkey feet and legs plump after mounted? Is there also anything out there for injecting those hard to get to places on turkeys do help dry them out without the smell? Thank you in advance and God Bless

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This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 7/25/01. ( )

There are hard to get at places on Turkeys and large waterfowl like Canada Geese. Do yourself a favor and clean the meat out of those spots. The wing tips are a prime example. You can inject the tips, but I really believe you are asking for problems later if not sooner.
that meat can ring the dinner bell for bugs or rodents later on.
The feet on a turkey can be injected with injectable casting material or any of the preservatives on the market. Be aware if you use Formaldyhide it is a Cancer causing substance. Move some feathers on the wing tips. If you see blue or purple, That's flesh and it should be removed.
Better safe than sorry Lot's of stuff in the archives also

Bird feet injection

This response submitted by Dave at VanDyke's Supply Co. on 7/25/01. ( )

Hello First Timer,
Actually, there are several products and methods used to plump the feet and legs of birds. I'll give you a couple of them that have been around a while and are proven.
Fantastic Cast works well. A 2 part 50/50 mix. Draw into a syringe and inject into the legs and feet.Cleans up with eith lacuer thinner or acitone.
Perma Plump is another excelent product, developed by Newton supply (Epo-Grip) that is also a 2 part mix that you inject. Perma Plump has a longer working time to it.

If you're looking for a product to inject into those areas that have a tendency to give off a foul oder, Bruce Rittel has developed a product called "Preserv-It". Its a non-Carcinogen and replaces Formaldehyde. Otherwise, as long as the bird was properly fleshed and degreased, the oder will go away when the bird has COMPLETELY dried.

If you need any other info on either of products, feel free to call me at (1-800)843-3320 ext.105 or e-mail me at this address.

Have a good day sir,
Dave>VanDyke's Supply Co.

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