Rough Breast feathers

Submitted by J.B. on 7/25/01. ( )

Greetings all,
I have done about 50 birds now and have a problem with a teal I just did that I have never encountered before. The breast feathers did not lay right and have a rough look to it. Degreased properly and blown properly. I tried grooming them every way I could and still no luck. Any ideas what I can do to smooth those out, and what you think I did wrong? It's a flying mount and has dried for 4 days now. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance. J.B.

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Just a guess

This response submitted by CHUCK on 7/25/01. ( )

Sounds like you may not have taxied the breast skin forward enough and its hung up on the curve of the front of the form.


This response submitted by rod on 7/25/01. ( )

you might have tried using dental picks and pulled the skin forward and then started adjusting from there..sounds like the skin was too tight around breast...

Future mounts

This response submitted by Tom on 7/27/01. ( )

I know that this advice won't help you with this particular mount, but you might try it in the future. I had similar problems and found two solutions. First, I had not completely removed the fat from the incision area. Even though I felt that I had degreased properly, it is hard to clean this area without tearing the skin, but fat left here will cause "pockets" in the breast area leaving a rough look. Second, (I got this tip from these archives)try sewing the incision from the bottom to the top. This seems to disturb the feathers less leaving a much smoother breast. Hope this will help!

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