Smelly wings "2"

Submitted by Dave on 7/26/01. ( )

I recently mounted three turkeys (My first),one for me and two commercial. I know, I'm brave.The first two went well,as did the third, until it dried for about a week.Humid summers in Ohio didn't help the matter. Anyway, I had forgotten to inject the wings before I mounted,I injected them after. I guess I missed a spot.Now, I think I found the "bad" area and re-injected it and placed the fan to blow directly on the wing.The smell seems to be lessening some.If this doesn't work I am thinking about injecting and/or wiping the entire wing with denatured alcohol(the wing isn't drying very fast anyway)but am afraid of the alcohol reaction with the bird feet injection fluid.Is this safe? Is there a better way?

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good old turkey wings...

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 7/26/01. ( )

I think time will probably solve the problem. Maybe a month or longer. Alcohol is OK with the various injection fluids that I know of, but I doubt if it will help much. It might, just maybe, wipe some feathers off if the "aromatic" area got really ripe. I've found that wiping feathers with anything damp can ruffle them slightly and they don't always lay smoothly again. You could possibly dab some alcohol directly on the offending place, but I don't think it will help the smell.
Maybe someone else would have a suggestion. Something like Nilodor might work if you could put a tiny drop where it won't show. I think it will mat up any feathers it touches, but I haven't tried it.
Good luck with them. They WILL air out eventually.
Nancy M.

Call Newton Supply

This response submitted by George on 7/27/01. ( )

Shutting the barn won't help this horse being out, but make sure that the next time you get a turkey or goose/swan, etc. you open the underside of the wing all the way to the tip and clean all the meat out.
That being said, call Newton Supply at 1-800-888-2467 and ask Steve about Creolin. It is a deputrifying agent that works well on situations like this. Inject a little into the hot spot. You'll get a smell of mild creosote, but it's not wretching like you have now and it will quickly subside as it saturates the rotted meat.


This response submitted by Dave at VanDyke's Supply co. on 7/27/01. ( )

Hello Dave,
Very common problem! If you have one or have axcess to one,but the birds in a small room (Bathroom etc)and constantly run a dehumidifier until the birds are completely dried and odor free.Leave the door shut at all times to suck every little bit of moisture there may be in the air. It will work great on anything that you're having the same problems with, including deer. Humidity is a major problem,especialy this time of year.
If you dont have a room in which you can do this,Visqueen off a small section of your shop off and and run the dehumidifier. The smaller the section you close off, the better! It may take a week but it will cure your problem!

Good luck to ya and have a great weekend,

inject again

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 7/27/01. ( )

Sounds like time for the good old formaldihyde. It will work use it straight without glycerin.

I agree with Tony

This response submitted by The Taxidermologist on 7/27/01. ( )

Formaldehyde would instantly kill any bacteria residing in the putrefying and prevent secondary infestation of this area in the future. Alcohol will not help at this point unless you saturated the area and since the Ethanol evaporates first it would still leave a moist environment to allow bacteria to continue to flourish. The dehumidifier advice is also good, as the drying will trap the feather bases inside the skin.

Thanks to all

This response submitted by Dave on 7/28/01. ( )

I beleive my questions have been answered, and I have been planning to get a dehumidifier as soon as I can scrape up the cash.If anyone else has any more good advice feel free to add. I'm always open to new ideas.

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