Looking for bird reference book.

Submitted by D.Danielson on 7/30/01. ( D2Cruzz@aol.com )

I am looking for reference books for birds. I tried to order "Prairie Wings" but they were out. Is there any other books like "Priairie Wings" used by taxidermist for position reference? Thanks for your help. DD

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This response submitted by Margret on 7/30/01. ( )

So which one of the supply companies dosn't have "Prairie Wings"

I just did some searching on this powerful machine and found many available copys for-sale....... new and used.......

Don't rely on the supply companies for everything....


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GO TO WWW.AMAZON.COM type in prairie wings in the search engine leave it on "all products" there are 5 hits in new books 3 of which is what i think you are l@@king for then look in zshop there are 35 hits in there, not new books some are limited editions ect........but it looks like for about $45----5000 bucks you can find what your looking for, no kidding one is a limited edition that is 1 of 250 copies for 5 grand....good luck, i searched ebaby and yahoo and didn't get any hits there.....good luck

alot of good ones

This response submitted by not important on 7/30/01. ( )

Depending on what your looking for in reference."Prairie wings" is great flight reference,but not much on general anatomy,attitude,color,etc..A few of my favorites include, Lemasters "artists guide to anatomy and color,great gallery of ducks,the bruce burk series Complete waterfowl studies etc..Tricia Veasey has several books worth noting.If you have a Half price books bookstore close to you,this has been a goldmine of reference for me.I have found just about every kind of reference you could imagine for cheap prices.Last month I picked up a copy of prairie wings for a friend.....well I guess it was for me because I finally got my copy back ha!....anyway it was during a sale week and I got it for $3.50.There is alot of reference available you just gotta dig a little.Best wishes

WASCO Supply

This response submitted by Darren Danielson on 7/30/01. ( D2Cruzz@aol.com )


The supply company was WASCO. They told me they the book was discontinued. I also emailed Ducks Unlimited about the book since they were the ones that published it. Thanks for your help. DD

Poor Richards

This response submitted by CUR on 7/31/01. ( WILDART@prodigy.net )

Richard Bishop had the privilege of living and working at Wingmead in Arkansas. His benefactor, Edgar Queeny of Monsanto fame, encouraged Richard to film the Mallards which flock to the Peckerwood Lake region of Arkansas each winter. Bishop's primary work was used as reference for his fantastic paintings of waterfowl.

Richard "Dick" LeMasters was a personal friend of mine. His photographic work was done at first to support his excellent carvings. The publication of his efforts came after the fact. Dick provided us all with excellent reference work.

My Post is not about knowing LeMasters, or the work I personally did at Wingmead under the graces of then owner Frank Lyons, Sr., but to emphasize that primary reference work is the responsibility of us all. The best teacher is life, not some reproduced photograph. Get a camera and spend some of that "Bud Light" time taking your own reference photos. Did you ever wonder how CUR comes up with so many pictures for those who inquire? I have more than 50,000 photos of wildlife, plants and habitat on file as a result of my wanderings. They are not just mementos of my tours, they are an absolute necessity to my professional journey.

Learn the anatomy of your subjects, and go out and study nature and its wild citizens. No book can replace first hand experience. The reference books are fine collateral, but without the benefit of real-life experiences, the photos cannot mean much to the viewer.

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