Ring Teal Referance

Submitted by Toad on 7/11/01. ( toadstaxidermy@i2k.com )

I would like to find some referance photos of ring teal. Something in there native setting would be great. By native I dont mean water, LOL. Thanks Toad

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Ringed Teal

This response submitted by CUR on 7/11/01. ( WILDART@prodigy.net )

The ringed teal (Callonetta leucophrys) is a teal by name only. They are classed in the same tribe as the wood ducks. The ringed teal is a native of Central South America and inhabits broken or open stream and marsh environments with broken woodlands and raparian forests. The duck is a tree cavity nester like the wood duck and any habitat suitable for a wood duck study would be fitting for the ringed teal.

There is no eclipse plumage, so a drake in full color would be appropriate for a nesting scene. Much of South America's open woodland vegetation is similar to that of the southern US, with exception being the specific representatives of each major plant genus.

The Pantanal and it's Mata Grosso are ideal habitat for the little ducks. There is an excellent set of photos of the habitat in the pantanal at the Home web site for Ecologico de sanctuario de Pantanal.
That web site is located at www.pantanal.com.br. When you arrive at the web site, directly under the words "Seja bem vindo ao Pantanal" (Welcome to Patanal) is a button with the words "entre por aqui" (Enter Here)under it. Click the button. There are a number of buttons on the left of the next window. Most deal with lodging and transportation and tours and the like. One button is marked "galeria de foto de Pantanal" (Picture gallery). Select it and you will arrive a home page for two excellent photo galleries of typical Ringed Teal habitat. Two different nature photographers took the photos and they should give you a good idea of the type of habitat this species of duck inhabits.

Well, senor Toad, that is about it, "Era uma vez uma forum, senor CUR
E senor toad haflar de patositas." Faram se abode......Buon noit...
(Portuguese was my college language.....Watchin Rio Girls was mah hobby.....good luck....have some pics if ya need more.)

What the hell...

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Are you talk'in about boy? And you better keep your pics ta your self!


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Thanks Cur

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What would happen if someone asks him (cur) a complicated question? LOL


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Ask Marty...

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