Freeze dried Taxidermy

Submitted by r poelstra on 7/12/01. ( )

my 9 year old son is showing some interest in taxidermy and the idea of freeze drying the specimens. i've never done any taxidermy and don't now enough about freeze dryers to be any help to him. how can i find someone with a freezedryer or where to you buy them. do any business or colleges have freezers you can rent. please help me help my kid.thank you

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Do a web search

This response submitted by BobB on 7/12/01. ( )

Wow, if you need another son, I am available. I come complete with daughter-in-law, 2 grandkids, a truckload of pets, etc.

You could send your son to a 2 year tech school, for less money than buying him a freeze dryer. Check the web, first name that come to mind is Taxi-Dry, I know there are others, but I am too busy to look them up right now.

The occassional used unit is posted on this site for usually $5000 to $7500 plus freight. They are not a dime a dozen, and I have heard some are quite the users of electrical power.

About the rentals, you need to do that foot work yourself, but I kind of doubt many would rent out space. Their are taxidermists that will wholesale freeze dried services to you, but then your kid, will really not be doing taxidermy.

When can my family meet you and MOM? (LOL)

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