glass case

Submitted by kn on 7/12/01. ( )

just wondering what thickness of glass is best to in case my canvas back and yes its good enough to be in onr for those smart ASSES OUT THERE

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This response submitted by Dave Toms on 7/12/01. ( )

diplomacy in action... you attract more flies with honey...


...never mind.

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 7/12/01. ( )

I think I'll keep my opinions to myself this time.

Wouldn't have a clue

This response submitted by The Taxidermologist on 7/12/01. ( )

Glass - what are glass?

Glass Case

This response submitted by Randy Jordan on 7/12/01. ( )

I build display cases and perhaps I can help with your question, but I need a little more information. What size will the case be? Will it be supported by a base? Will it have trim, or will it be glass only?
As a rule of thumb the larger the case the thicker the glass should be. There are many different kinds and strengths of glass. I have found also it depends on where the case will be displayed. Lexan is a much more durable product than glass and can be handled with less care. If you plan to move the case a lot you might consider Lexan. It is more expensive than glass but they make winshields for jet aircraft
from it so it is durable.

Why not...

This response submitted by JL on 7/12/01. ( )

Protect that duck with a wall-hanging dome and frame?Look at them at Our 22" X 28" dome will certainly accomodate that duck and a foam base diorama.Good luck.....JL

Glass, Can? Smart A$$?

This response submitted by CUR on 7/12/01. ( )

Dunno, but glass rhymes with where ya can put it and "Can" may be a euphuism for the same thing........Is that any way to open an inquiry? I think not.


This response submitted by Lisa on 7/13/01. ( )

resemble all of these comments! You are all gonna make a little girl cry...........good job....! he he!

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