Steller's eider reference?

Submitted by Nancy M. on 7/14/01. ( )

I need to find some good closeup photos of Steller's eiders. I have plenty of swimming views, but I need face and foot closeups for finishing work details. Does anybody have any or know of books that I might be able to locate through the library system? I haven't had any luck with the internet.
I would appreciate any help at all. Thanks,
Nancy M.

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This response submitted by Bill Gaither on 7/14/01. ( )

I have a very good close head shot of a prime drake. The hen photos I have are not very good. I have a set of detail shots I took of a pair I shot some years ago and I am danged if I can find them at the moment. The field sketches I have are all in black and white. The bill of both sexes is similar, but I show some counter markings of a slightly darker color on my field sketch. The markings may have been unique to that individual, but I think not. The male and female's feet are identical in coloration.

Audubon's plate 429 displays two drakes, one walking. Frank Belrose's Ducks Geese and Swans of North America shows the birds standing in the color plates done by his son. The feet are similar to that of a redhead, Looks like an easy paint job to me. Just what are you looking for? I can sketch one for you in any position you might want if you are seeking a particular pose. Walking posture is typical of the eiders, so any shot you may have of any of the genus would apply. I haven't seen one since Attu, so my ole mind is My sketches will allow me to put together a reference if you desire. I will email you the jpeg of the drake's head.....Looks like payne's gray and a dab of white and a little van dyke brown to

You two make a good....

This response submitted by Lisa on 7/15/01. ( )

couple.....of ones full of knowledge!

Nancy, RE: Yer Steller's

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Several folks have had difficulty opening my emails in the new format from "IncrediMail". You are the only address I have on the Netscape client server. Sent you six Jpegs of P. stelleri this AM via Outlook express in standard AESI (Flying, standing, details, and the like). Please advise if they reached you in good order. If not, I will take a zip disk to a friend and resend via aol/netscape. Keep 'em flying, kiddo.


Bill Gaither

Some success, Bill

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 7/15/01. ( )

Thanks Bill!
I got the portrait shots this morning and managed to print them [finally!] without including the entire contents of my inbox. I then tried to reply and thank you, but now I can't log in to the email at all.
I don't know if the new photos are in there or not, but I will try to check it later.
BTW, I like the painting that was included w/ your e-mail. Is it somewhere around Aransas? VERY nice, [except I keep hearing mosquitoes!] LOL.
Thanks again! I will try to be more stubborn than Netscape while I wait for the new pictures.
Nancy M.


This response submitted by Bill Gaither on 7/15/01. ( )

When my computer gets stubborn, I sit in fron of with my 29 S&W.....I start loading it, while glaring at the monitor.....usually by the time the third or fourth round clinks into the cylinder, the trouble clears I sent five up close and personal head detail; one of a group of hens and drakes just off the water, flying left to right; A solitary drake flying from right to left; An illustration from Germany of a pair walking left to right; A cluster of field sketches of wing details and stance etc............And that is that......hope they help....Did you get the message about the foot, legwire combo armature?

Can I come over here......

This response submitted by Lisa on 7/15/01. ( )

with the two of you? They are "pickin" on me over at the Taxi Industry.

Yea! it worked!

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 7/15/01. ( )

Thanks again Bill. I finally got into the mail and the pictures are great.
I got the leg info too, and it was approx. what I'm planning to do. I will fill you in on the details later, off-forum.
About French wax, though...[did I remember that right?] that the kind that looks so good that I want to eat it? I saw some wax at Rip Caswell's shop [he does bronze work] that looked exactly like chocolate. It even smelled good. I don't know what it was properly called, though.

And Lisa...of course you can come over here. I'm still scratching my head over white-headed ringneck pheasants, by the way. The oddest one I've seen so far was a sport that came out of a Mongolian line. It was white frosted with its regular color only on about the last half-inch of each feather. Absolutely gorgeous. The guy wouldn't sell it to me. The worst part is, when I asked him about it later he said it died. No offspring. Not even a skin to save. Darn.
And...[re: your first post]...
Don't know about Bill, but I have been accused of being full several occasions, but knowledge? That would have to fall under the "baffle 'em with bull" category. LOL!
Nancy M.

That is it Nancy

This response submitted by Bill Gaither on 7/15/01. ( )

Those of us who do bronze work usually call it, "French Brown". I don't recall the orgins. It is inert, in that it will react neither with RTV or co-polymer resins. It has a low melting point and long heat retention, which makes it ideal for sculpting. And it does smell pretty good. It actually looks like sorgum in that it is somewhat translucent. It is cheaper than a lot of sculpting materials and available through most are suppliers. It is reusable too. After I build a mold of an original, I melt the wax down and strain it into old coffee cans to keep until I need it again. It is available in block form and also in 2" X 24" X 3/8 strips from Grobet. I use the strips often to build dams and glove molds.


This response submitted by Lisa on 7/15/01. ( )

That's why I like you people...........

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