how can I remove feather`s

Submitted by Tom H on 7/17/01. ( )

I have a bird and I want to remove the feather`s for my daughter`s to make some outfit`s for pretend ,So how can I remove them with out ruining them ?

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Pluck Them!

This response submitted by Old Fart on 7/17/01. ( )

If the bird is mounted, DON'T! Live? Dead? Information please!


This response submitted by CUR on 7/17/01. ( )

I can't believe this one. I have to echo old fart. If it alive, wait for the molt. If it is dead, you can "scald" the bird by dipping in boiling water for a few seconds and then pluck the feathers. Wash them in dawn detergent, rinse and allow to dry. They will fluff up. If it is a mount......and the list goes on....Go to a craft store and buy some feathers for her outfit!

hoping bird is dead.

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 7/17/01. ( )

Grab feathers one at a time as close to the skin as possible. You may need pliers for large feathers.
They really SHOULD be washed.
[see post above]
Please DON'T pull feathers from a live bird!
Nancy M.


This response submitted by Lisa on 7/17/01. ( )

That would hurt! Right Nancy?

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