anchoring turkey to base

Submitted by jesse on 7/20/01. ( )

i am mounting my first turkey and am confused on how to attach the leg wires to the base. i have the video from rhineharts but this part of the process is not covered. thanks.

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tap,er die it!

This response submitted by CHUCK on 7/20/01. ( )

Determine the diameter of your wire in inches and find a corresponding sized thread die to cut threads in it.go up to as much as the feet will allow,then insert it into your base and secure with washers and nuts.Make sure you have recessed the base so that wire protruding will not scratch the good furniture. CHUCK

What Chuck said...

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 7/20/01. ( ) probably the best way there is. As alternatives, you can bend the wires over underneath and staple them securely. I like to carve out a slot for them to fit into so they are flush with the surface or indented slightly. Another way that is useful if you don't have enough wire to bend over is to run several drywall screws into the same hole alongside the wire. It seems to work well but I don't know how long it would resist wiggling if the mount is transported a lot.
If the bottom of the mount is visible, like a turkey on a limb on the wall or etc., you can putty over the wires, staples, bolts, eyc. with a product called Apoxie-Clay. It can be textured and painted to match wood very closely.
Nancy M.

Use Buckeye Mannikins Forms

This response submitted by Art on 7/21/01. ( )

If you use Cary Cochran's forms, you can simply put a nut on the bottom
of the threaded rod extending from the foot, run it through the base, and
put a nut on the bottom. No wires.

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